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Our chiropractic clinic is your first choice for Thornbury, ON chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Clinic One of the oldest forms of treatment for body aches and pains is chiropractor adjustments. Chiropractors offer a holistic solution for discomfort and pain and can help your body to heal itself without using conventional medicine. When you are looking for a chiropractic clinic in the Thornbury, ON area, our team at Collaborative Health Group is available to answer your questions and provide total care. When you visit our clinic, you can expect:

  • A Listening Ear – Whether you are visiting our chiropractic clinic for the first time or you’ve been seeing us for years, we will always take time to listen to your concerns and pinpoint the areas where you have pain. We will discuss your working environment, things affecting your health at home, and any unusual stress that may put a strain on your body.
  • Comprehensive Adjustment – Although you may have discomfort targeted in one area, it may be caused by misalignment in another part of the body. That’s why we provide a total adjustment to ensure we are solving the root of the problem and not simply managing the surface issues. You can discuss adjustment options with your chiropractor so you feel comfortable, and you may notice results immediately after your adjustment.
  • Wellness Plan – When you come to visit our chiropractic clinic, it’s important that we develop a wellness plan so you have tools to keep your body functioning at its best. Additionally, if you have waited a long time before seeking a chiropractor, we may recommend several more visits to ensure you get the relief you are seeking.

Our chiropractic clinic is welcoming, and we pride ourselves on attention to detail and professionalism. Our team at Collaborative Health Group can walk you through your options and help you make an appointment to determine if chiropractic care is right for you. Don’t wait to get back on track to a happier, healthier body. Call us to schedule a consultation; we are available to assist you.


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