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What to Do When Your Lower Back Pain Has Become Unmanageable

Lower Back PainIt is estimated that 80% of the population experiences significant lower back pain at some point in their lives. For this pervasive problem, many of us go to great lengths to reduce the amount of pain we are in. Drugs, stretches, applying heat, therapy, ergonomic chairs, new mattresses . . . we try anything to curb the lower back pain and be able to move unencumbered. For many, it is a lifelong pursuit and a frustrating battle at that.

Chiropractic care has been the answer many have searched for as they strive to manage their lower back pain. Numerous studies have been done showing that lower back pain is significantly reduced by those who seek regular chiropractic care. For things like car accidents or sports injuries, chiropractic care can be discontinued once the pain dissipates. For those who suffer from chronic lower back pain, regular chiropractic visits will likely alleviate the pain and help it become for manageable to live with. Book your appointment today at our massage clinic Collingwood.

To treat you, chiropractors will manipulate your spine to make sure it is properly aligned and restore mobility to joints. Spinal manipulation involves controlled, sudden force to realign the vertebrae to their proper location and improve functionality and reduce nerve irritability. Chiropractic mobilization may also be used as part of the treatment process. This involves low-velocity stretches and movements of the muscles and joints to help increase range of motion.

There are many options you can pursue to alleviate your lower back pain. All cases are individual, but chiropractic care frequently produces immediate relief from pain. We are eager to help you get back on track with managing your back health and free you from debilitating lower back pain.

We strongly recommend booking an appointment with our professional staff and see if you need chiropractic adjustment or massage therapy for back pain relief.