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Your Chiropractor May Have Natural Solutions for Your Injuries

ChiropractorWhen you sustain an injury, it can be difficult to determine where exactly the source of the problem is. Often what seems to be the area in pain is actually caused by a different area’s misalignment or injury. When you are injured, it is important to seek care as soon as possible, especially if you experience long-term discomfort or pain.

There are a few indicators to suggest you should see a chiropractor in Collingwood, Ontario for care post-injury.

  • Long-Term or Intermittent Pain – Persistent pain that lasts days or weeks, or pain that settles down and then flares up again unexpectedly, is a definite warning sign that you should see a chiropractor.
  • Loss of Mobility – If you lose the ability to move your arms and legs, move your body freely, or lift objects after an injury, it is important to see a chiropractor to determine the root cause.
  • Bruising & Swelling – If you notice significant bruising or swelling at a joint, such as your shoulder or knee, and you’ve lost range of motion, this could indicate a more serious injury and misalignment.
  • Irregular Placement – A chiropractor can address issues with an abnormal shape to your joints, suggesting you may have something out of socket or causing abnormalities to the shape of the body.

At Collaborative Health Group, we cannot stress enough the importance of acting quickly when you are experiencing pain due to an injury, old or new. Sometimes something seemingly minor can affect your whole body, and if left untreated, you may have lingering effects. Our bodies are designed to function as a unit, so seeing a chiropractor can help you find the root cause of the problem so you can begin treatment right away.

If you have questions or are looking for chiropractic care following an injury, contact us at Collaborative Health Group. We can provide the resources and information  on our other services such as the benefits of massage therapy and acupuncture.  All you need for better total body health.